Experience-based sightseeing contents in the Kawawada district

Attractiveness of community people to share their unique way of life

Tea ceremony

Enjoy casual tea ceremony

Delicious wild boar hot pot cooking

Enjoy hot pot cooking at a Japanese traditional cottage with a hearth

Wiping lacquer experience

Why don’t you try to experience how the lacquerware is made of wiping lacquer by using real lacquer?

Lacquerware Painting

You will be taught by Echizen lacquerware traditional craftsmen

Local spice making experience

Local spice derived from the Kawawata area

Broach making of motif drawn freely by CAD and cutting machine

You can be a glasses craftsman?

”Miso” making experience

Japanese traditional food made mainly of soybeans

"MAKIE" experience

It is the It is the technique of lacquering when you draw the picture

Rice cake making experience

Experience old-fashioned rice cake making with mortar and pestle

Workshop tour of Echizen lacquerware

You can see each process of making of lacquerware such as making base, painting, and Makie up close.

Paper-milling factory tour + Subtle texture of Japanese paper piercing / earring making

You can experience accessory making after seeing inside of handmade paper-milling factory

Echizen Lacquerware Makie experience

Why don't you try to touch the depths of Makie at Mr. Morita's workshop in the production area of Echizen lacquerware with a history of about 1500 years?