You can experience real rice cake stick with pestle and mortar! Mochi rice cake is delicious, you can enjoy it with radish and mushrooms ♪


The experiece

Ms. Araki, a master of a country living in Sabae City who runs a farm inn, can experience experiencing full-scale mochi-making with pestle and mortar! Pre-preparation such as steaming glutinous rice which takes time is done here, so you can enjoy the experience smoothly after arrival

★ What is Mochi, Rice cake ?
Rice cake, mochi, is now usually only made for special celebrations such as New Year, but it used to be eaten year-round.
To make rice cake, mochi, steam short-grain japonica glutinous rice, mochigome, and pound it while it’s hot using a rice mortar, or usu, and a pestle, or kine.

★ Flow of Experience
Local assembly → steaming glutinous rice, warming pestle and mortar (We will prepare here.) → Works of the work → Mochi sticking → subdivision work → tasting. You can eat it in a radish and a kinako. We will pack the mochi which we could not finish eating for takeaway!


“It was very satisfying to eat rice cake that I made! It was a lot of fun!”

“It was hard to make rice cakes, but the rice cake that was just made was very delicious! The fun has also doubled by making rice cake with everyone! Araki Mr. Araki It was a very happy host, I was satisfied with great experience!” (Male tourists from Indonesia)



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